Armoured Cars – Gepanzerte Fahrzeuge

For most of our customers, safety plays a crucial role and is the top priority when buying a vehicle. In times of terrorism and social upheaval, luxury cars are only really safe with armor on the roads in wealthy classes, especially in dangerous regions of the world.

AB luxury cars is specialized in selling armored vehicles of all protection classes for more than 10 years. From B1 to B7 we fulfill the individual safety wishes of our exclusive clientele in cooperation with our partners and subcontractors. Part of our assortment are factory armored vehicles of the manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, as well as vehicles of various makes and models rearmored by us and our subcontractors.

Quality is our top priority in all our services. For this reason, we only offer special protection vehicles “Made in Germany”, using certified material from renowned German manufacturers. Safety and satisfaction of our customers are the most important for us.



Cage armor

It is the be-all and end-all of a holistic protection system: The cage armor serves as the basis for extensive protection against bullets and explosions. Thanks to enormously resistant materials such as high-strength steels, fabric and multilayer explosive mats, the vehicle’s interior is reinforced and protected in the best possible way.

Safety glass

The combination of several layers of glass in different thicknesses combined with polyurethane films protects the occupants from life-threatening foreign bodies such as bullets and splinters.

Emergency wheels

Even one blown tire can normally bring a car to a standstill and thus prevent any escape. Even if a tire is blown out, the Pax emergency running system allows the car to continue driving at up to 80 km/h with a range of around 200 kilometers. This is made possible by a permanently installed rubber ring inside the tire.

Fuel tank

The fuel tank is usually a delicate weak point of a vehicle and poses a fire hazard. In AB luxury cars, the fuel tank can be separately protected from penetrating projectiles and explosive devices by safety steel and fabric mats to prevent fire from breaking out on board.


What’s the best way to communicate when it’s only safe inside a closed vehicle? Thanks to hidden exterior speakers and microphones, it is possible to talk to people outside the vehicle even without opening the doors and windows.

Fire extinguishing system

A fire on board a vehicle is particularly dangerous because the occupants have to leave the protected cell. However, thanks to a fire extinguishing system permanently installed in the engine compartment, the occupants themselves are protected from fires and can remain inside until help arrives.

Armor examples

  • Explosion
  • Umbau
  • Maybach
  • S 600 GP C1
  • Merc C1
  • MercG-Klasse
  • G 500 C1
  • Porsche
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes Benz